Yoga in Oliver British Columbia

While some view yoga as only an exercise, for many yoga is a transformational journey made through matching movement and breath, listening to and respecting the limits of the body, and meditation.  Although there has yet so be a dedicated yoga studio in Oliver, BC there are a number of yoga teachers in our community to offer classes at various locations.

Hayley Stopa

Hayley grew up in Oliver BC and has been teaching in Oliver since 2011.  She is a gentle but energetic teacher and she runs a weekly class at the Oliver Community Centre.  Her class is suitable for intermediate to advanced yoga students who like to be challenged. For more info on Hayley and her classes check out her website Hayley Yoga

Donna Morgan

Donna runs yoga classes out of her home studio.  Her classes are gentle and incorporate breath work, meditation, and energy.  Her limited class space makes taking a yoga class with Donna more intimate than your typical yoga class.  Check out her website Tava Yoga for more information and class schedules.

Leah Moen

Leah runs The Dance Studio in Oliver BC but she teaches yoga as well as dance.  She offers low impact yoga with a "dancer's twist".  In the summer months she offers morning classes outside at different locations around Oliver and in the winter she offers classes in The Dance Studio.  Check out The Dance Studio website for information and class schedules.

Judy Nicolas

Judy has been teaching yoga at the Oliver Community Centre for over 10 years. Judy teaches both beginners yoga classes as well as mixed level fitness yoga.  For more info on Judy's classes check out The Oliver Parks and Recreation website.

Pia Jmioff

Pia has Pilates classes at Pilates Plus Fitness and Rehab studio.  She offers many classes to suit different levels of fitness and ability.  For more information check out the Pilates Plus Fitness website.