Foraging for Saskatoon Berries

One of the things I love most about the South Okanagan is the abundance of food available in the growing season.  From the first of the cherries to the last of the apples a highlight of my summer is the burst of flavors from fruit picked fresh from the trees.

I also love the foraging opportunities summer provides. Saskatoon berries are typically ready in late June and early July in the South Okanagan.  Saskatoon berries grow on trees near sources of water.  Taking a stroll or a bike ride down Oliver's Hike and Bike Trail in June or July will most likely net you a handful or maybe even a bag full of plump, juicy Saskatoon berries!

The Saskatoon is a deciduous shrub that can grow between one and eight meters in height.  In spring the Saskatoon tree blossoms with white flowers.  Berries are ripe when they have turned from red to purple and resemble a blueberry.  If you are not completely positive as to the species of the tree you are picking do not eat the berries!

Most of the Saskatoon berries we pick end up being shoveled into our mouths before we even get home but on a particularly good picking day we may get enough to take some home for the freezer.  They are excellent in smoothies and I am told they make great dried fruit, jams, and pies.

Saskatoon berries are incredibly high in dietary fiber, vitamin B2, biotin, iron, and manganese.  YUM!


Author Bio: Full time mother, gardener, chicken farmer, local food lover, world traveler, and proprietor of this website, Amy is passionate about the South Okanagan.  She is happiest spending time with her family, participating in intentional community, growing and preserving her own food, observing her chickens (it's free therapy!), and exploring the beauty of the world.