A Hike Up Peach Cliff in Okanagan Falls

When driving through Okanagan Falls one is bound to notice the towering cliff perched over the North-East corner of the community.  This cliff, carved out by glaciers thousands of years ago, is named Peach Cliff.  It looks very intimidating from the front side, but hiking from the rear side is a challenging but doable task that will reward you with amazing views of our beautiful valley.


Access to the trail head can be found by venturing up McClean Creek Road (a lovely drive if you are looking for a back way to get to Penticton).  Head out of Okanagan Falls for a few kms passing farms along your way.  You will come to a sharp turn in the road and the entrance to this trail is on the West side.  It looks like this:

Head through the unlocked gate and follow this small dirt road heading towards the backside of Peach Cliff.


Soon you will come to some old mining paraphanilia.  What looks like a large stack of pallets will reveal itself to be a collection of core samples from mining days gone by.


Stay to the left after the core samples and continue on.  Soon you will come upon a large pile of scattered boulders and another fork in the road.  Head straight for Peach Cliff OR if you would like a lovely and close divergence, head left down the hill.  

Once you get around the corner you will be greeted by a naturally spring fed pond that is hugged by rock face.  We visited in spring time but we were told that in the summer this pond is full of goldfish!

Continuing back along the Path to Peach Cliff, follow the road untill you see a small foot path veering off to your left (the dirt road continues to lead South).  Follow this path up and down the dips in the earth.  Soon you will reach a fork in the path.  Heading straight takes you to a view point, heading right takes you to another view point with a few small caves, and heading left will bring you to the trail going up Peach Cliff.  If you head left you will need to follow the path through the cattle gate.  This is when the hike gets steep, although the climb can be done in about 20 minutes if you are fit.

A look at the viewpoint (heading straight)

A look at the view point by the caves (heading right)

Once you have explored the trails and are ready to head up to the top of Peach Cliff this is what the begginning of the path looks like.  Go through the cattle gate and climb the steepest part of the hike to the top of the mountain.

Your hard work will be rewarded at the top by the magnificent views of the valley from Skaha Lake in the South to Vaseux Lake in the North.  It is simply stunning!

This hike should take a fit person about one to two hours.  Allow for more time if you are with children (our children did perfectly fine on this hike).  We reccomend packing a lunch and having a picnic at any of the viewpoints.  There is very little shade on this walk so if you are attempting it in the summer heat start early in the morning and pack lots of water!