Hiking McIntyre Bluff

McIntyre Bluff is an Oliver, BC landmark.  You will see pictures of iconic McIntyre Bluff on postcards, websites, and South Okanagan books.  The view of McIntyre (also called Indian Head) is best from the North at Vaseux Lake.  If you are driving through the area you WILL want to stop and take a picture!

Although the view from the valley below towards McIntyre Bluff is stunning, if you want to see something truly spectacular, take the time to hike up to the top for a birds eye view of the valley below.  The hike takes between two and four hours depending on your level of fitness and how often you take breaks to take in the gorgeous surroundings.  The hike is mostly a gradual climb with only a few steep spots.  The trail is well used and well marked.

The start to the trailhead is actually on private property at Covert Organic Farms.  If you are coming from Oliver on Hwy 97, turn left on Secrest Road (you will see signs for Covert Farms).  Follow Secrest up the steep and winding road until you reach the top of the hill, Covert Farms will be on your right.  Follow the gravel driveway into Covert Farms. You will see a parking lot on your left. Park here and then walk, following the signs to "Bluff Hike" and "Wine Lounge". When you reach the Wine Lounge, this is the trailhead. You will find trail maps and a sign in book kiosk just outside the Lounge. From here you can walk through the farm to a gate that brings onto the park land.

The hike takes 2-3 hours and is 10 kms long.

The most beautiful time of year to hike McIntyre Bluff is in late spring or early summer when the wildflowers are in bloom.  Be prepared for summer temperatures to soar and come early in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat.  Be sure to bring plenty of water, a sun hat, sunscreen, snacks, and of course your camera!


McIntyre Bluff
300 Covert Place, Oliver