Searching For Pictographs

First Nations Peoples have inhabited the South Okanagan Valley for hundreds of years and it is still possible to find pictographs in the mountains and cliff faces around Vaseux Lake.

One of the easiest places to see a pictograph is just off of McIntyre Creek Road near the Vaseux Lake Wildlife Centre.  I do believe that these pictographs have been "retouched" but it is still a fun outing, especially for children.

Here are our detailed instructions on how to get there:

When traveling on Hwy 97 near Vaseux Lake watch out for McIntyre Creek Road on the East side of the Hwy.

The entrance to the road from Hwy 97 looks like this:

Drive up the dirt road, past this sign on your left hand side:

And continue on up the road until you reach the second sharp bend, pull to the side of the road to park.  You will see another sign on your left and behind this sign is the trail. 

Begin walking down the trail but don't go too far!

The pictographs are on a fallen rock on your right within the first 100 yards of the trail head.  This is the view of them from the trail:

And this is what they look like up close:

Do be aware that there is poison ivy and cactus in the your step!

If you continue on the trail after you have had your fill of the pictographs, you will be rewarded by some spectacular views of the valley below.  Don't forget your camera!



Near Vaseux Lake
McIntyre Creek Road, Oliver
49° 17' 46.6944" N, 119° 31' 30.252" W