Vaseux Lake Wildlife Centre

There is a spectacular piece of protected marshlands just North of Oliver at the Vaseux Lake Wildlife Centre.  Here you can enjoy a leisurely stroll down a wooden boardwalk through a protected marsh.

At the entrance to the park you will find two kiosks, explaining the local flora and fauna of the area.  Stop to have a look and learn about all the amazing wildlife that calls the South Okanagan home.

Continue along the dirt path towards the lakefront but please to be aware of poison ivy.  Poison ivy is found throughout the South Okanagan. You will not know you have come in contact with it until hours later when a terrible red rash will cover your skin.  The oils from the plant can even brush off onto your clothes and then be transferred to your skin through touching the affected part of your outfit.

The wooden boardwalk begins at the start of the marsh.  This nice, leisurely stroll will take you through undisturbed, natural plant life and there are a few spots with benches where you can sit and watch the wildlife.  

Depending on what time of year you are taking your stroll down the Vaseux Lake Boardwalk you can expect to see many birds, including ducks, Canadian geese, and redwing blackbirds.  

If you are very lucky you may also see painted turtles!

Once you reach the end of the boardwalk you will see a bird blind.  Climb on up and sit patiently with your binoculars to watch flocks of birds on the lake.  A word of warning, there are usually a lot of mosquitoes here so if you are planning on sitting still, bring the mosquito repellant!!!!

Exploring the Boardwalk on Vaseux Lake is suitable for all fitness levels.  Expect it to take ten minutes without stops.


Vaseux Lake Bird Sanctuary
49° 18' 12.2832" N, 119° 32' 14.1288" W