Where to Find Local Eggs

Where can you get local, free-range eggs in Oliver?

It is always hard to find a good, reliable source for free-range eggs.  Selling eggs from your small-scale farm is not a profitable business.  Most people who do sell farm eggs are doing it to help cover the cost of having their own fresh eggs.  When you find a good source, stick with it!  

The cheapest I've seen farm eggs in Oliver is $3.50 per dozen and the most expensive is $5 per dozen.  

Being able to actually visit the farm to see how the hens are raised will help you to justify the cost, as will the knowledge of the differences between truly free range eggs and grocery store eggs.

If you or someone you know sells farm fresh eggs in Oliver, please let us know so we can add them to the list!!!!!

Where To Get Local Eggs In Oliver, BC

  • Coop-de-Ville - A small, family run farm in Oliver raising about 80 laying hens on just under an acre.  Eggs are $5 a dozen and are sold out often.  Call 250-408-4719 for more information.
  • The Oasis -  Located in Okanagan Falls, Celina sells her yummy eggs for $5 per dozen.  Eggs are sold out often.  Call 250-497-8983