Where to Find Local Milk

As the milk industry is so heavily regulated, gone are the days where you could buy milk from a farmer down the road.  Fortunalty we have a few choices available at our local grocery stores to buy milk and milk products that are still made reasonably close to home.

Where can you buy local milk in Oliver, BC?

  • Dutchmen Dairy: Dutchmen Dairy products are produced in Sicamous and are available at Super Valu in Oliver.  What we LOVE about Dutchman Dairy is they still sell their milk in glass containers.  We always feel good about bypassing the garbage and recycling industry in favour of using reusable containters!


  • Jerseyland Organics Cheese and Yogurt:  Jerseyland products are produced in Grand Forks and are available at both Super Valu and Buy Low Foods in Oliver. Local AND organic!