Hungry Frog Organics

Hungry Frog Organics was grown from a passion to provide organic food to our community at affordable prices.   We believe that everyone should be able to afford organic food and one of the ways to make it affordable is to buy in bulk! Bulk purchases also save the planet from the overuse of excessive packages that plight the conscious shopper.

Four times per year customers can order organic food by the case and have it delivered to their door in the South Okanagan.  Minimum order for delivery is $200.

As many of our cases are quite large, customers come together to create their own bulk buying groups, furthering our goal of creating a community around the love of organic food. 

We provide all kinds of bulk, organic dried goods such as beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, grains, flours, oils, coffee, chocolates, coconut milk, and snack food.

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Oliver BC
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