Restaurants in Oliver

Many of Oliver's restaurants can be found in the city centre along the walkable Main Street while others are situated on wineries and golf courses with magnificent views of the area.  Oliver has artsy cafes, fun family-friendly restaurants, upscale dining, and some great ethnic restaurants.

We would like to recommend some of our favorite eats in Oliver....

  • A deli sandwhich from Oliver Eats
  • The calamari at Savvios
  • The butter chicken at The Best of India
  • California Rolls at Pizza Rolla
  • Gelato at Medici's

Here is a full list of the Restaurants in Oliver:

Cafes and Bistros

Oliver Eats, 6060 Station St, 778-931-1469 

Medici's Gelateria, 522 Fairview Road, 250-498-2228

Al's Bakery, 6030 Main St, 250-498-0380

Sunshine Cafe, 250-498-1964

Ethnic Food

Best of India Restaurant (Indian), 250-498-0872

Savvios Family Restaurant (Greek and Italian),  34646 Main St, 250-498-4418

Sizzling Rice (Chinese), 250-498-8899

Family Dining

Auntie Ag's Seafood Cafe, 6240 Main St, 250-498-0456

Crucetti's Restaurant 250-498-4833

Gecko's Grill 778-439-2330

Pappa's Firehall Bistro, 250-498-4867

Hammers House Of Hog, 250-535-3700

Fast Food

A&W Restaurant, 250-498-5559

Subway 250-498-3530

Tim Hortons, 250-485-4119

Golf Course Restaurants

Diamond Back Grill at Fairview Mountain Golf Course, 933 Old Golf Course Road, 250-498-6050

Gecko's at Inkameep Canyon Desert Golf Course, 6891 Tuc-El-Nuit Drive, 250-498-2880


Almerio's Family Pizza, 6036 Main St, 250-498-6610

Amore's Pizza, 6273 Main St, 778-439-7499

Murray's Pizza, 250-498-0498

Pizza 97, 250-498-0112

Pizza Rolla 250-498-6610


Murphy's Irish Sports Bar & Grill, 250-498-2288

Ye Olde Welcome Inn, Gallagher Lake Frontage Road, 250-498-8840

Winery Restaurants

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, 100 Burrowing Owl Place, 250-498-0620

Miradoro Restaurant, 32830 Tinhorn Creek Road, 250-498-3742

Terrafina at Hester Creek, 887 Road 8, 250-498-2229